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Moira Buchanan

Born in Irvine in 1973, Buchanan graduated from the Metropolitan College in art and design. She continued her education with the Open University in Art History and is now focusing on painting at her studio in Glasgow.

Currently Buchanan’s work looks intently at organic subjects interpreting its ideology and place in history and present day context. For Example, her Apple series is delivered in her exploration of colour and texture, enhanced by her intuitive analysis to the human psyche. She creates a dialogue with the audience emphasising an acceptance, and understanding of the environment within the apples’ containment. It is, therefore, producing infinite possibilities in ideas and beliefs. The artist adopts structure as well as absence of painterly form, to convey transformation of modern symbolism. Her symbolic narrative invites a visual deep resonance guiding the viewer through the simplicity of her organic theme.

In recent years she has exhibited alongside some of the greats of the Scottish art scene, including Catrina Miller, Frank To, Jack Knox and Peter Howison.

Her work has featured in several Scottish galleries/spaces and exhibitions in

Glasgow, Dundee and Edinburgh.