2 Gannets, Andrew Squire, Greengallery

Andrew Squire trained as an architect at Manchester University in the 1970s, where he was exposed simultaneously to the influences of classic Modernist design and the beginnings of the radical community architecture movement. This was to shape his development as an artist in the creative melting pot of 1980’s Glasgow.  His painting has evolved into a mature art which is rigorously structured in terms of colour and composition, whilst reflecting a wide range of concerns and interests, not least the many facets of sustainability and ecology. His close chromatic harmonies and expressive reduction to the essentials of each subject are underpinned by skilled draughtsmanship, and frequent visual wit.


“Like many artists, my painting is concerned with creating an alternative reality through which to explore the shoreline between our everyday, known world, and the uncharted territory which lies beyond it.  Ecological thinking has done much to shift that shoreline over recent decades, giving us the opportunity for a much wider view of our place in the world.  At a personal level, relocating to a studio on the edge of the elemental and diverse Northwest Highlands of Scotland has also brought another powerful reminder of forces much bigger than ourselves.  I’m continuing to work with familiar iconic images and with more ambiguous, abstracted pieces drawn from the textures & forms of the Highland landscape, to continue that process of exploration & mapping.   Art is inevitably a reflection both of the society in which it was produced and of the personal journey of the individual artist, and it seems to me that the tensions between those societal and personal dynamics are the source of some of the most interesting art.”

(AS 2016)

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