“Endangered animals are an interest of mine I’ve had for many years. This is an important area to draw focus to as they are in constant threat due to many factors like climate change, deforestation and poaching. I travelled around Thailand for just over a month to seek out some of these animals. In particular the Banteng, Asian Elephant and Indochinese tiger. Each animal I managed to witness in real life. It took me the full five weeks to find them in the wild and in sanctuaries. This sparked a passion in me to attempt to highlight the plight of these endangered animals to a wider public. I then took to creating these animals as prints and wooden cut outs. They developed into large wooden light boxes with the animals lasercut onto the front panels and motion censor lights installed inside each box. As the viewer approaches each box, the lights inside are triggered, a metaphor for the animal being present. As you walk away, the light turns off, portraying the vanishing of these creatures and how fast these magnificent animals are disappearing.”

Current works for sale

  • Carly Gillon