Golden Meridian, Chelsea Davine, Greengallery

“Every painting I begin, the layers and texture continue to fascinate me as does the process. My subject matter remains the same, the material itself, the coast, the sea, lines of desire that criss-cross the landscape, time and its corrosive effect on materials and finding the beauty in what we see around us. The world filters into my studio, colour, light, politics, religion, people. Conversations remain with me, maps mesmerize me, travel enthuses me. Creating and painting is an imperative I couldn’t live a day without.“

Current works for sale

  • Chelsea Davine
    'Enchanted Forest'
    47 × 20 in
    £1,085.00 View

  • Chelsea Davine
    'Archipelago Study'
    16 × 16 in
    £365.00 View

  • Chelsea Davine
    'Spring in the Forest'
    20 × 63 in
    £2,500.00 View