Betty and Doris in their Party Frocks, Jackie Henderson, Greengallery

Jackie graduated with a BA (Hons) in Contemporary Art Practice in Glasgow in 2014. Her background has involved a variety of creative pursuits, including children’s book illustration and craft work.

She lived and grew up on the east coast of Scotland and likes to incorporate her experience of rural living and her love of the countryside and the sea in her work. Being given a self-portrait project at university encouraged her to look into different ways of expressing various aspects of herself. Her bird work is very autobiographical, integrating her love of books, poetry and stripy socks. Jackie uses little snippets from her daily life and work, capturing scenes of everyday things that might go unnoticed. Her simplified scenes focus on texture, form, and colour. She likes to surround herself with inspiration, be it flowers, music, or higglety pigglety tea cups.

Jackie works predominantly in acrylics; building up layers is important in her work. She alternates paint with glaze, which allows her to rub back revealing previous layers of colour. Textures are achieved by imprinting lace and delicate textiles into a gesso and modelling paste base. Collage is often added giving another layer of interest. As well as pursuing her artistic career, Jackie works for Alzheimer Scotland, encouraging people who live with Alzheimer’s disease to express themselves through creativity.

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