Jane Blair comes from a design background which you can see immediately in her work, she endeavours to capture the moment and is so in tune to natures ever changing light, fleeting glimpses of change that make the everyday remarkable.

Landscapes and animals are her forte, her free light touch is unmistakably her own, she shows in galleries/art fairs in Scotland and beyond.



Current works for sale

  • Jane Blair
    'Mist Clearing Ulva'
    18 x 14 in
    £750.00 View

  • Jane Blair
    27.8 x 20 in
    £975.00 View

  • Jane Blair
    'Last of the Lillies'
    59 x 47 in
    £2,500.00 Sold

  • Jane Blair
    'Evening Crows'
    31.5 x 31.5 in
    £1,200.00 View