As I Wake in the Morning, Morag Young, Greengallery

I’m a highlander – born in the Outer Hebrides on the tiny island of Eriskay. My family moved to the mainland when I was 5 and we settled on the West Coast near Glencoe. In this special part of the world I married, had 5 children and have then been lucky enough to spend time developing my practice.
Through my work I explore colour, texture and the drawn line and bring together landscape, floralscape and the human form. As each picture develops it takes on its own life, often to push forward its own story.
I am challenged and excited by the variety of mediums available. I am at heart an oil
painter but will often use mixed media , particularly when sketching. The majority of my
work is finalised on wooden panels. Each piece I create is simultaneously an
extension from the past, where I have come from and what I have learned, as well as a
preview of the future, where I am going.
If a viewer stops for just one moment to view and reflect on a piece that I have created,
then I have succeeded in my work.

Current works for sale

  • Morag Young
    'As I Wake in the Morning'
    24 × 24 in
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  • Morag Young
    'Carry Me Home'
    12 × 16.5 in
    £420.00 View

  • Morag Young
    12 × 16.5 in
    £420.00 View

  • Morag Young
    'Empty Heads and Tongues A’Talkin'
    6 × 6 in
    £120.00 View