Camusdarach Sunset, Moy Mackay, Greengallery

From her home in the Scottish Borders, she fuels her passion for colour and texture with an unceasing inspiration drawn from her surroundings in the beautiful Tweed Valley, using merino fleece fibres in the same way that a painter uses brushstrokes. The result is a “felt painting” of extraordinary warmth and texture. It is a fascinating, absorbing process which requires a fine balance between spontaneity and control and the wide spectrum of colours offers endless possibilities to create images of startling vibrancy and depth.

Current works for sale

  • Moy Mackay
    'Lilac Skye'
    17.5 × 26 in
    £1,250.00 View

  • Moy Mackay
    'Ruby Sky and Pines'
    12 × 24 in
    £950.00 View

  • Moy Mackay
    'Fairy Pool Pines'
    15.5 × 8 in
    £895.00 View

  • Moy Mackay
    'Fields of Gold II'
    15.5 × 22 in
    £1,250.00 View

  • Moy Mackay
    'Clachan, Argyll & Bute'
    £850.00 View

  • Moy Mackay
    'Mid Winter Glistens'
    22 × 29 in
    £1,850.00 View