Secret Garden, Shona Harcus, Greengallery

“Just painting my soul…after all, it’s cheaper than therapy!”

As an abstract expressionist painter, my work allows me a vital, expressive voice where I can communicate my thoughts and feelings.

I am heavily influenced and inspired by my two young children and motherhood as a role, therefore my work is a response to the complex range of emotions I experience on a daily basis.

My paintings are an emerging process, I often discover things by accident and then let this dictate the direction of the painting.  My practice always involves listening to music….this enables me to perform a dance of lively mark making, colour and energy which eventually allows me to create a piece that I feel resolves, heals and satisfies an inner yearning for harmony.  The process is fundamentally the most important part for me.

I was born and raised in Scotland and studied Fine Art and Contemporary Art Practice through the University of Highlands and Islands.  I currently live and work in Perthshire, Scotland.
My paintings are in collections throughout the UK and Canada.

Current works for sale

This artist currently has no works for sale, please let us know if you would like to be kept informed when their work is back in the gallery.