A Cloud Floats On, Tom Sutton-Smith, Greengallery

I grew up in Scotland and attended Edinburgh College of Art. Before moving to Canada in 1981 to find new challenges I pursued  a career in advertising with Scotland’s leading agencies .
After a successful career in advertising, as an art director and creative director in Montreal, Toronto and Winnipeg, I decided to breathe again and fulfill a lifelong ambition by painting full-time.
Now repatriated in Scotland I work mainly in oil on canvas, on a broad range of subjects including portrait commissions. My work is exhibited in galleries in Scotland and across Canada.

Current works for sale

  • Tom Sutton-Smith
    'Late Greens in Sun'
    12 × 16 in
    £395.00 Sold

  • Tom Sutton-Smith
    'Deepening Sky'
    21 × 21 in
    £485.00 View

  • Tom Sutton-Smith
    'A Greener Pasture'
    10.5 × 18.5 in
    £440.00 View

  • Tom Sutton-Smith
    'Yellow Field Interrupted'
    21 × 24.5 in
    £500.00 View

  • Tom Sutton-Smith
    'The Black Dyke'
    21 × 25.5 in
    £550.00 View